Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Clever Math brain Teasers for Students with Answers

I used to love the math exercises, especially which related to the arithmetic math operations. However, in all these math questions, clear statements were given. Now here are Clever Math Brain Teasers for students in which there is no statement but only a few numbers are given. One has to find the relationship between these given numbers and then solve it for the missing number.
In these clear Math Brain Teasers, there are four groups of three number given. These three numbers have some mathematical pattern or some arithmetic relationship with each other. One has to find this math pattern or relationship among these numbers and then have to solve these math brain teasers for the number which will replace the question mark?
So are you ready to solve these clear brain teasers? Most of these brain teasers are easy. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post. Answer of these puzzles is given at the end of this post. Do try to solve these puzzles yourself with noting down your answers on paper. At the end verify your answers with the solution given by us. In case you find any difference, we will be happy to see the different logic to solve these math brain teasers. So do post your answers with the reasoning in the comment section of this post.

Easy math picture puzzle brain teaser
1. Easy math picture puzzle brain teaser

Fun math picture puzzle brain teaser
2. Fun math picture puzzle brain teaser

Simple math picture puzzle question
3. Simple math picture puzzle question

Tough math picture puzzle question
4. Tough math picture puzzle question

Tricky math picture puzzle riddle
5. Tricky math picture puzzle riddle

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