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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Odd One Out Puzzles for Kids, Teens and Adults

Odd One Out Puzzles for Kid, Teens and Adults
Odd One Out Puzzles are very interesting puzzles. In these puzzles out of given few objects one has to find out the odd object which does not follow a specific property which all other follows. Odd one out puzzles can be visual puzzles in which some pictures are given. Two out of these pictures are same and one is different one. In these kind of Visual Odd one out puzzles earlier we have created Hut Odd One Out puzzles in which one has to find which Hut is different from others. Also one can checkout Mixed Odd one Out Picture puzzles which are tricky puzzles as it contain very tough to visualize differences. Kids can check some easy Spot the difference Puzzles in which one picture out of given three picture is different from other two pictures. There are also some Mathematical Odd one out puzzles which one should try before solving today's puzzles as this post also contains Math Odd one Out puzzles. Today's Odd One Out Puzzles are for kid, teens as well as adults. These puzzles starts with the easy puzzles and keep getting tough as one proceeds.
In these Odd One Out Puzzles, some numbers are given. All but one number follow one specific property which makes these numbers part of the group. However there is only one number in each of the puzzles which does not follow this property and hence that number is the odd one out. Try finding this Odd Number in each of the puzzle given below.
Answers to these puzzles will be given later once few people give try to these puzzles and post there answers in the comment section of this post.
Out One Out Math Brain Teaser
1. Out One Out Math Brain Teaser

Out One Out Math Puzzle
2. Out One Out Math Puzzle

Out One Out  Riddle
3. Out One Out  Riddle

Out One Out Mind Twister Puzzle
4. Out One Out Mind Twister Puzzle

Out One Out Mind Cracking Puzzle
5. Out One Out Mind Cracking Puzzle


Here is answer to 12th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Easy Mathematical Brain Teasers with answers For Kids and Teens to Challenge your Brain".

Answer is 171
If AB = ? Then the answer is (A+B)(Difference of A and B)
So 89 = (8+9)(9-8) = 171

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