Missing Number Logic Puzzle in Maths for Middle School

This is a logic maths puzzle in which your challenge is to find the value of the missing number. In this missing number puzzle, you are shown some numbers inside and outside the Circle. These numbers relate to each other with some mathematical formula. Can you crack the mathematical code which binds these numbers? If you are able to decipher the code, find the value of the missing number in one of the Circles.
Write down your answer along with the logical reasoning used to solve this puzzle in the comments box.

Missing Number Logic Puzzle in Maths for Middle School
Can you find the Missing Number?

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Mritunjay Kumar said...

Ans:- 15

If You add both sides' number of diameters, You will found that they are equal to 37. I.e.
13 + 24 =37
21 + 16 =37
25 + 12 =37
So the missing number is 37 - 22 = 15

Rajesh Kumar said...

This is out-of-the-box thinking. My way to calculate the answer to this logic puzzle was different. However, my answer will also lead to this conclusion.
My answer was to sum of half Circle numbers and the sum of all the digits inside the Circle is 37 and it will get divided into two parts.
Thanks for looking at this problem differently. Looking forward to your comments on similar puzzles.