Logic Puzzle in Maths for 9th Grade Middle School Students

It is a very interesting math logic puzzle that will challenge your mind. To solve this math logic puzzle, you need to use your logical reasoning skills. You also need to think outside the box and use your mathematical knowledge to solve this math logical question. Let us see if you can find the missing number in this math logic puzzle? 

Find the value of XX in the this matrix 2|3|4|16|12, 3|4|5|29|20, 4|5|6|XX|30, 5|6|7|67|42, 6|7|8|92|56 then  XX = ??
Can you find the value of XX in this math logic puzzle?
The answer to this "Maths Logic Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it in a completely different way
Each column needs a different approach
1st column:(B×D)+C
2nd column:(B×D)+C+B
3rd column:(B×D)+C+B+A
4th column:(B×D)+C+B+A+C
5th column:(B×D)+C+B+A+C+B

According to this formula,the answer
should be 45