Brain Cracking Parking Number Puzzle for Adults

This is a parking code-cracking puzzle that will challenge your brain. In this brain-cracking puzzle, you are shown one plane parked in a parking lot. There is a marking of parking numbers in each of the parking lots including the one on which the plane is parked. There is a relationship between these parking numbers. Can you crack the hidden logical or mathematical pattern which relates to these given parking numbers? Once you were able to crack the code, find the number of the parking lot on which the plane is parked. 
This logic puzzle will test your intelligence. Are you able to solve this puzzle? If you are able to solve this puzzle, write down your answer along with the logical reasoning used to solve this puzzle. 

Can you find on which number the Plane is parked? 14 ? 26 32 34 38
Can you Find out on which number the Plane is Parked?
The answer to this "Cracking Parking Code Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


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What is your logic to get this answer 28?

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Very good