8 Coins Puzzle Question

Can you solve this 8 Coins Puzzle?
Rakesh and Ashish are friends. Both live in Chennai, a city in the southern part of India. Both love to solve puzzles and brain teasers. Both of them meet every week near a famous temple in the city to solve puzzles. 
One fine day they are joined by another puzzle genius Prasanna. All there start solving puzzles and 3 hours get passed. All of them feel hungry as it was lunchtime. As for Rakesh and Ashish, this was regular puzzle meet, they always come with their lunch boxes. However, Prasanna has not brought anything to eat. So both Rakesh and Ashish decide to share their lunch with Prasanna. Rakesh was having 5 Rotis and Ashish was having 3 Rotis. How can they share equally among each other?
Solving this puzzle was not a big deal for these three puzzle genius. They decided to split each Roti into 3 parts to make in total 24 parts and then each has its share of 8 parts. At the end of this puzzle meet. Prasanna said that he is very happy that both of them has shared their lunch with him. He decided to give 8 Gold coins in total to both of them and left. Now once Prasanna left, now the bigger question is how to divide these 8 Gold Coins among them. Ashish said that it should be equally divided as 4-4. However, Rakesh said that he was having 5 Rotis and Ashish was having 3 Rotis. So it should be split as 5-3. They were not able to solve this Coins Puzzle and decided to take the help of the temple Priest 'Amit Swamy'.
Amit is a wise and spiritual man. He listened to their story carefully and thought about it for some time. At the end he came up with his logical conclusion and decide to split it into 7 and 1 coins with 7 parts being given to Rakesh and 1 part is being given to Ashish. This surprised both of them.
Now the question to the readers is that if you have to decide to split these coins among Rakesh and Ashish respectively. How will you do it?
A) Divide it as 4-4 Coins
B) Divide it as 5-3 Coins
C) Divide it as 7-1 Coins or
D) You have some other plan.
Write your answer in comments along with your logical reasoning.  

Note: All the characters used in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone is just a coincidence. 

Our answer to this 8 Coin Puzzle Question is hidden as of now. Give your answer in comment with the logical conclusion.


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7 and 1

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