Mathematical Crack the Code Puzzles for Kids with Answers

My earlier post on Crack the code contained logical puzzles. In those puzzles, one has to find the code which will open the lock and some logical statements were given which will lead to finding the answer to the crack the code problem.
Today's Crack the Code Brain Teasers are Mathematical Puzzles. In these puzzles, few Mathematical statements are given which are hints to solve the lock code. One has to solve these math equations to find the correct answer and thus break the code to open to the lock. Let us see how many locks you can open without looking at the answers.
Answers link to these puzzles is provided at the end of this post. Try to crack the codes without looking at the answers and use this answer link only to check your answers.
Crack The Code Math Picture Puzzle-1
1. Will you crack the code to open the lock?
Crack The Code Math Picture Puzzle-2
2. Can you crack the code to open the Lock?

Crack The Code Math Picture Puzzle-3
3. Can you solve this crack the Code Brain Teaser?
Crack The Code Math Picture Puzzle-4
4. Can you solve this crack the Code puzzle?

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Unknown said...

Find the mistake in Sudoku (1)
Instead of double two's in one column and one row, the common 2 should be changed to 3.
Retired Civil Engineering Professor P. RAJAYOGAN