Crack the Code Puzzle Questions with Answers

Crack the Code Questions with Answers
This Puzzle Video contains the Crack the Code Puzzle Questions which will challenge your brain. In these code-cracking puzzles, you are shown a series of 3-digit numbers. Each number contains information about the correct 3-digit code along with the number. Your challenge in these puzzles is to find the correct 3-digit code which will open the lock. Let's see if you can crack the code for these puzzles.
In this puzzle video, there are 5 crack the code puzzles. You will get 25 seconds to solve each puzzle. However, if you wish you can pause the video the solve the given puzzle. Answers to these crack the code puzzle immediately after the puzzle question. Let's see how many of these crack the code puzzles you can solve correctly. Please write down the answer to the last bonus puzzle in the comments.

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