Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Logic Maths IQ Questions with Answers

Can you solve these Logic Maths IQ Questions quickly?
We all require Mathematical Intelligence in our daily lives to make many calculations which are required for our everyday routine. Similarly logical reasoning is ability to make deduction to reach the rational conclusion. Here are Logic Maths IQ Questions to test your Mathematical Intelligence and Logical Reasoning ability. Answers to these Logic Maths IQ Questions are given at the end. Links to similar IQ Questions is given after each of the Puzzle Picture.

Logic Maths IQ Question to crack the Code and Open the Lock
1. Can you crack the Code to open the lock?

Maths IQ Question to solve questions
2. Can you solve these Maths Equations?

Logic Maths Question to find value of missing numbers which will replace the question marks
3. Can you find the missing numbers?

Easy Maths IQ Question to solve equations and find values of Maths variables
4. Can you calculate the values of A, B, C and D?

Tough Logic Maths Question to find value of missing number
5. Can you find the value of missing number which replaces "?" ?

Answers of Logic Maths IQ Questions


  1. 4th questions ka answer btao

    1. There is link to the answer page for this question. Anyway answer of 4th "Logic Maths IQ Question" from left to right and top to bottom is as below
      3.5, 4.5
      9.5, 3.5

  2. 4th questions answer is

  3. Replies
    1. Answers for all these puzzles are provided at the end of the post.
      Anyway the answer for the third puzzle is 7 and 7.


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