Missing Vowels Game Picture Questions: Guess the Colors

Missing Vowels Game Picture Questions: Guess the Colors

Engage in the missing vowels game with picture questions. Guess the colors and challenge your perception in these captivating puzzles.

Solving Puzzles can lead to unforgettable learning. If kids start learning by solving some challenges then the learning will be forever. Today we are posting Missing Vowels Game. In this game, some theme-based names are given and in these names, the vowels have been replaced with the blanks. One has to fill in the blanks to get the word. These kinds of puzzles can be used in schools to teach the kids basic knowledge about the things around us.

How to Solve Missing Vowel Quiz Puzzle Questions

Today's theme of "Missing the Vowels Game" is Colors. Here in this many names of colors are given. However, the vowel has been replaced with blanks ("_"). One has to guess the missing vowel to get the color name. One more interesting feature of today's color quiz is the actual color of the word same as the color that one has to guess. So it is double learning for kids. One is trying to guess the color and another is the name of the color matched to the word color which will be remembered forever by kids of solving this quiz.

Missing Vowel Color Quiz  Fill in blanks with Vowels to get the color names  BL_ __L_V S_LV R LM  P_RPL_ G_LD  _ND_G GR_Y
Can you guess the names of the colors?

The answer to this "Missing Vowels Game Puzzles", can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.

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