Cool English Abbreviation Brain Teasers: Answers Included

Cool Abbreviation Brain Teasers for Kids with Answers

Explore cool English abbreviation brain teasers with included answers. Test your knowledge and decode these mind-boggling linguistic puzzles.

In our daily life, we use so many abbreviations even without knowing that these are abbreviations. Terms like News, Chess, etc. have become part of our life and now we don't consider these as abbreviations!! This post is all about commonly used abbreviations. Let's see how many you knew and how many you can answer. In these brainteasers tell what this abbreviation stands for? i.e. you have to tell the full form of these words. See how many of these puzzles you can solve?

Answers to these abbreviations are given at the end.



















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Cool English Abbreviation Brain Teasers-Answers

Aim ( Ambition in Mind )

ATM ( Automated Teller Machine )

Bye ( Be with you Every-time )

Chess ( Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers )

Cold ( Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease )

Date ( Day and Time Evolution )

Eat ( Energy and Taste )

etc. ( End of Thinking Capacity )

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

IMO ( In My Opinion )

Joke ( Joy of Kids Entertainment )

LOL ( Laugh Out Loud )

Newspaper ( North East West South past and present events report )

OMG ( Oh My God )

Pen ( Power Enriched in Nib )

Smile ( Sweet Memories in Lips Expression )

SIM ( Subscriber Identity Module )

Tea ( Taste and Energy Admitted )

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