Saturday, January 27, 2018

English Quick Word Riddles for Adults with Answers

Can you solve these Word Riddles as quickly as possible?
Solving Riddles is lot of Fun. Solving Riddles also teach us to think logical and out of box. Some of the Riddles requires knowledge of  English language. Here are some English Word Quick Riddle which will make you think logical and out of box. Try to answer these riddles as quickly as possible. Answers of these Quick Word Riddles are provided at the end.
Fun Word Riddle to test your intelligence
1. Can you answer this English test?

What am I? English Word Riddle
2. Can you tell What am I?

Fun Word Riddle to test your IQ
3. Can you pass this Brain Test?

Word Brain Teaser to testing your mind
4. Can you solve this English Riddle?

Fun Word Puzzle to test your out of box thinking
5. Can you solve this fun English Riddle?

Answers of Hidden Meaning Puzzles

1. The original word is "Snowing". It decomposes to: sowing, swing, sing, sin, in, and I.

It is ABACUS. Word formed are as below

3. Replace X with Nothing to get the Answer

4. Headache or Heartache

5. Teapot

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