Hidden Animals Picture Puzzles for Kids with Answers

I love solving visual puzzles. A few days back, we have created many finding the hidden animal puzzles. However, some of these puzzles were tough and were taking some time to solve these puzzles. Kids were having a tough time to solve these puzzles. So we decided to create a few easy puzzles for kids. Hope kids are going to love these puzzles.
In these picture puzzles, one has to find the hidden faces or animals or birds in the given pictures. As these puzzles are for kids, we have kept these puzzle very easy. Kids will find it very interesting to solve these puzzles. However, teens and adults will be able to solve these puzzles very quickly.
Answer link to these puzzles is given at the end of this post. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Hidden Tiger Picture Puzzle
1. Hidden Tiger Picture Puzzle
Hidden Bird Picture Brain Teaser
2. Hidden Bird Picture Brain Teaser

Hidden Bird Picture Riddle
3. Hidden Bird Picture Riddle

Hidden Bird Picture Puzzle
4. Hidden Bird Picture Puzzle
Hidden Animal Picture Brain Teaser
5. Hidden Animal Picture Brain Teaser

Picture Puzzles test your observational skills. You don't need any skills such as Mathematical, Logical or Knowledge of any language to solve these picture puzzles. Do check more Picture Puzzles as mentioned below

List of Picture Puzzles and Brain Teasers


Unknown said...

I LOVED these! Were are the anwsers though? I found ALL OF THEM btw

Rajesh Kumar said...

Nice to know that you loved these picture puzzles. Answers link to these puzzles is provided after the last puzzle picture. Please reply back in case you are still not able to check answers to these puzzles?