Hidden Meaning Rebus Brain Teasers with Answers

Hidden Meaning Brain Teasers with Answers
Rebus is a very interesting puzzle type. In Rebus puzzles, a picture or words are given to present a hidden meaning of an English phrase or and idioms. Your challenge is to find out the hidden meaning of the rebus brain teasers. Here are a few hidden meaning brain teasers. Answers link to these Rebus Brain Teasers is given at the end. Can you solve these five Hidden Meaning Rebus Riddles without looking at the answers?

How to solve Hidden Meaning Brain Teasers
In these Rebus Puzzles, some words or pictures are given in the enclosing box. These words or/and picture contains the hidden meaning. Your challenge is to find out the hidden meaning of each of the brain teaser pictures.

1. Can you find the hidden meaning in this picture puzzle?

World World ->World
2. Find out the hidden meaning told in this picture puzzle?

3. What hidden meaning is represented by this picture?

Picture Idiom Rebus
4. What hidden English Idiom represented by this picture brain teaser?

5. Find the Hidden Meaning in this Picture Puzzle brain teaser

Do try out following the English Word Mind Teaser to boggle your brain.

List of English Word Brain Teasers

1. Missing Vowels Brain Teasers for Teens with Answers-Vegetables: In these English Word Brain Teasers your challenge is to guess the Vegetable names by fill in the blanks with the vowels only.

2. Picture Puzzles to Find Hidden Words: In these Picture Puzzles, there are photographs that have been converted into visual puzzles by inserting some of the hidden English words. Your challenge is to find out these hidden words in the photo puzzles.

3. Odd One Out - Fun Letters Quiz for Kids: These are the fun puzzles in which each picture puzzle contains few letters and your challenge is to find the Odd Letter Out out of these given letters.

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