Genius Math Problem | Number Puzzle Question for Adults

This an awesome missing number brain teaser that will challenge your brain. This is a tough logical reasoning puzzle only for genius minds. In this puzzle question, there are 4 squares in the puzzle image. Each of the squares contains 5 numbers. There is one hidden logical and mathematical formula or pattern with relates these numbers inside the Square. Your challenge in this number puzzle question is to first find the logic pattern hidden in this puzzle. Once you are able to find the logic, then find the missing number in the last square.

Genius Math Problem | Number Puzzle Question for Adults
Can you find the Missing Number?

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This is tough logical reasoning 'missing number puzzle'. You need to think of many different logical and mathematical combinations to solve this puzzle. Please write down your answer along with the logical reasoning used to solve this puzzle in the comments box. I will acknowledge the first person to solve this puzzle correctly in this post. So make sure that your name is visible in the comments.

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Αντρέας Μαράτος said...

The answer could be 6
If you add every single difference between the central number and the outer ones,you'll notice that the result is equal if you repeat the process in the next shape...But it's only valid between the top and the bottom shapes