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Do you have good eyesight? Do you also have good observational skills? If the answer to any of these two questions is yes, then it's time to test not only your eyesight but also your visual and observational skills. Here are many different visual picture puzzles in which your challenge is to count the number of lines, triangles, squares, or other Geometrical shapes.

Below is the list of these shapes counting puzzles which you can find on the Fun With Puzzles website.

Count Number of Triangles: Easy Brain Teasers with Answers

Observation Skill Test-Counting Number of Squares Puzzles

How many squares puzzle with answer

Picture Puzzles for Teens With Answers

Observational Skill Test-How Many Triangles Counting Brain Teasers

Simple Visual Puzzles to count the number of lines

Find the Number of Squares and Triangles in the given Pictures

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