What am I? | Riddle to Twist your Brain

This What am I, Riddle will Twist your brain. In this fun riddle, you have to guess the 7 letter word which satisfies the given 7 statements. Read these 7 riddle statements carefully and then try to guess the word. Let us see if you can twist your brain and solve this riddle?
What am i? 1. X is a 7 letter word 2. x is impossible for GOD 3. Newborn babies like x better than milk 4. The poor have x 5. The rick look for x from the poor 6. If u eat x, u will die 7. x is more important than your life What is x?
Can you solve this Riddle?
The answer to this "Out of Box Thinking Riddle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


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Rajesh Kumar said...

Your answer to this "What am I?" Riddle is perfectly correct.

Unknown said...

Nothing is the answer