Tricky Riddles with Answers to Twist your Brain

What happened in the middle of the twentieth century that will not happen again for 4000 years?
This Puzzle Video contains the tricky riddles with the answers which will twist your brain. Some of these challenging riddles and brain teasers will make you think outside the box. Answers to each of these great riddles are given in this video. There is limited time provided to you to solve each riddle. However, in case more time is required to solve a particularly difficult riddle then you can pause the video and think about it. Post your answers for each of these riddles and brain teasers in the comments.
Solving Riddles and Brain Games helps one to improve its brain and IQ. Even though there are tricky riddles in this video, but these riddles are for kids. Hopefully, kids will be able to solve these riddles quick without going to the Show Answer page.

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