Naturally Hidden Objects Picture Puzzles

Naturally Hidden Objects Picture Puzzles
Here are some pictures which are naturally clicked and there is something hidden in each of these pictures. Some are very easy and one can immediately find the hidden object/animal in the picture. However, some are very hard to find what is hidden in these pictures. For a change in this post, I am putting these picture in the order from very difficult to very easy. It means the finding hidden animal in the first picture is very tough and in the last picture, it will be immediately visible. If you are not able to find a hidden object in any of the puzzles, do move to the next one and later come back. Moreover, these pictures will show how camouflage happens and how one is able to hide oneself in a natural background.
Let us see how many of these puzzles you can solve without looking at the answers. We will be posting the answers to these hidden object soon. However please do post your answers in the comment section.
Hidden Animal Picture Puzzle
1. Find Hidden Animal in this picture

Hidden Cat Picture Puzzle
2. Find Hidden Cat in this picture

Hidden Frog Picture Puzzle
3.  Find Hidden Cat in this picture
Another Hidden Animal Picture Puzzle
4. Find Hidden Animal in this picture

Camouflage Army Man Picture Puzzle
5. Find Camouflaged Army Man in this picture

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