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Online Sudoku Variations and Logical Puzzles

Move the mouse cursor on the images below to know more about the puzzle and click on the image to start the puzzle.
Greater Than Sudoku Jigsaw or Irregular Sudoku Killer Sudoku  Classic Sudoku Online Online Conceptis Puzzles
Windoku or HyperSudoku Diagonal Sudoku Multi-player Sudoku Battle Akari or Light Up
Online Classic Sudoku Wordsearch Slalom Minesweeper
Online Java Puzzles
For playing following puzzles latest version Java needs to installed on your system.
Fillomino Daily Classic Sudoku Mathdoku or Calcudoku Futoshiki Domino Hunt
Slalom or Gokigen Naname Sikaku or Rectangles Camp or Tents Kakuro Every Second Breakpoint
One can play following Sudoku Variations and other Logical Puzzles online here. 
One can play Battleships, Calcudoku, Chain Sudoku, Hashi, Hitori, Kakuro, Multi Sudoku, Nurikabe, Online Logical Puzzles, Skyscrapers, Slither Links or Fences, Sudoku, Tic-Tac-Logic, Sym-a-Pix or Galaxy, Dot-a-Pix, Link-a-Pix, Pic-a-Pix, Maze-a-Pix puzzles, Mathdoku or Calcudoku, Futoshiki, Fillomino, Classic Sudoku, Tents, Rectangles or Sikaku, Every Second Breakpoint, Arukone, Akari or Light Up, Killer Sudoku, X Sudoku or Diagonal Sudoku, Windoku or Hyper-Sudoku, Irregular Sudoku, Inequality or Greater Than Sudoku and many more puzzles.
One can also play Multi-player Sudoku battle i.e. play Sudoku against your friends.

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