Fun With Sudoku 247 and 246: Anti Diagonal Sudokus

I have created one Anti Diagonal Sudoku puzzle in the year 2009 for the practice of the Indian Team participating in the World Sudoku Championship (WSC) 2009 as this Sudoku type appeared in WSC 2009. In fact, Anti Diagonal Sudoku was my first puzzle which I posted for the Fun With Sudoku Series with the title Anti-Diagonal Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #1). For a long time, I have not created any puzzle of Anti Diagonal Sudoku type. 
If you love solving Sudoku Games or if you are a Sudoku Player, then you will love these two Sudoku puzzles. For the first Anti-Sudoku puzzle marked Sudoku 246, I tried to create a big heart shape. However, in order to avoid putting any numbers on the diagonal, the heart shape is not complete. In the second Anti Diagonal puzzled marked Sudoku 247, I started with the flower theme but made a mistake in preserving the symmetry of the puzzle.  For both the puzzles, I could not them I started within my mind, however, both of these puzzles have quite a good logical solving path. Hope you will like these puzzles. For more puzzles, one can download Nibbl mobile app and enjoy solving many puzzles from some of the best puzzle authors on your mobile.
These Anti Diagonal Sudoku Puzzles, I am posting in Fun With Sudoku Series as 246th and 247th Sudoku puzzles in this series respectively.

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