Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Online Multi-player Sudoku Battle (Logical Thinking Puzzle Game)

Online Multi-player Sudoku Battle (Logical Thinking Puzzle Game)
Ever heard of 2 Player Sudoku game? This is Multi-player Sudoku game where you can play Sudoku against your friends or with computer.  You will see list of players online for this Sudoku game, which you can invite for Sudoku playing. You can also Login using your Facebook account and can invite your friends to play with you online. This Games is part of Online Logical Puzzles.

Classic Sudoku Puzzle is one of the most famous grid based Logical Puzzle type. However there are many Sudoku Variation which you will love to solve if you like solving Sudoku puzzles. Also printable Sudoku puzzles are more enjoyable than the online Sudoku puzzles. Below is the list of some puzzles which you should explore here.
List of Sudoku and Logical Puzzles

1. Puzzles and Sudoku Events: If you like to solve Sudoku and other grid based logical puzzles then you should checkout this page which lists some of the world famous Sudoku and Puzzle events across the world.

2. Sudoku Variations: Other than Standard Classic Sudoku, there are hundreds of Sudoku Variations. Do checkout some of the most common Sudoku Variations here.

3. Consecutive Pairs Sudoku Puzzles: This is recently new Sudoku Variation, which is getting famous very fast. Do check it out.

4. Daily Online Conceptis Puzzles: If you still like to explore online puzzles, than do checkout this page for more than 17 Logical puzzle types which are updated everyday. 

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