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Consecutive Sudoku is one of my favourite Sudoku types. In this Sudoku if any adjacent cells are having two numbers which are consecutive to each other than it is represented with a dot or line between the cells. This Sudoku type follows converse rules. It means that all the possible consecutive numbers are marked in the Sudoku grid.
This rule makes it very difficult for a Sudoku creator to make a good design for the Sudoku. To create good aesthetics for Sudoku, new Sudoku type called Consecutive Pairs gets invented. Most of the rules of Consecutive Sudoku Pairs are similar to Consecutive Sudoku Puzzle with one difference that converses rule does not apply to Consecutive Sudoku Pairs types. It means as a puzzle creator, one does not need to give all the possible Consecutive combinations and one can come up with very good designs in this Sudoku type.

Rules of Consecutive Pairs Sudoku Puzzle
Classic Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally, if a circle is given between two adjacent cells, then the two numbers in those cells must be consecutive. do note that not all circles are given. It means that adjacent cells without a circle may contain either consecutive numbers or nonconsecutive numbers.

Below are some of the Sudoku puzzles for Consecutive Sudoku Pairs type which I created for Fun With Puzzles website.

Consecutive Pairs Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #183)

Consecutive Pairs Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #180)

Consecutive Pairs Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #178)

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