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Rossini Sudoku is very interesting Sudoku type in which converse rule of Sudoku solving is used. It means that all the possible arrows have been given. This Sudoku type appeared a few years back in World Sudoku Championship and after that, not much puzzles of this type were seen in many of the Sudoku contests. However, in recent days this Sudoku type is again getting famous and Rossini Sudoku is now part of many international Sudoku contests. 
To solve Rossini Sudoku one must remember the converse rule. It means that wherever an arrow is not given outside a row/column, there 3 nearest digits cannot be in either ascending or descending order. This rule is very much used while solving Rossini Sudoku type.
In this post, I am giving links to all the Rossini Sudoku puzzles which are published here on this website.
Rules of Rossini Sudoku
Place a digit from 1 to 9 into each of the empty cells so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column and 3x3 outlined box. Additionally, the arrows indicate that the nearest three digits in the row (column) are in ascending or descending order (increasing towards the direction the arrow is pointing towards). If there is no arrow outside a row/column, the nearest 3 digits therein cannot be in either ascending or descending order.

Rossini Sudoku Puzzle (Daily Sudoku League #195)

Rossini Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #229)

Rossini Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #145)

Rossini Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #138)

Rossini Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #118)

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