Rossini Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #29)

Here is another Sudoku which I created for the practice of Indian Sudoku Team for preparations of World Sudoku Championship 2011. 
Update on 03rd Feb, 2017: There was one arrow missing in the original image in R1. Thanks to Jerome Lacoste for making me aware of this error. Now I have updated this post with the corrected image.
I am re-publishing this Rossini Sudoku in Fun With Sudoku Series as 29th Sudoku in this series.
Rules of Rossini Sudoku
Classic Sudoku Rules apply.  Additionally the arrows indicate that the nearest three digits in the row (column) are in ascending or descending order (increasing towards the direction the arrow is pointing towards). If there is no arrow outside a row/column, the nearest 3 digits therein cannot be in either ascending or descending order.

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