Sudoku 2D (Mini Sudoku Series #4)

This is a very basic Sudoku type. In the year 2010, I have written a computer program to generate these types of puzzles. This Sudoku 2D puzzle is a computer-generated Sudoku. The computer program which I had written at that time was very basic and generated easy puzzles. Later I improved it slightly to generate bigger size puzzles. Unfortunately, my computer crashed after some time and I was not able to recover back my computer program to generate these puzzles. There are some Sudoku 2D puzzles that I generated at that time and will be re-publishing those puzzles under Mini Sudoku Series.
This is my 4th  Kids' Sudoku puzzle in Mini Sudoku Series.

Rules of Sudoku 2D

Enter the number from 1 to N where N is the size of Sudoku, so that each row, each column, and each main diagonal contains each number exactly once.
Sudoku 2D  (Mini Sudoku Series #4)
Sudoku 2D  (Mini Sudoku Series #4)

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