Friday, September 26, 2014

Online Thinking Games

Online Thinking Games
Playing Games is excellent and fun way to improve your brain power. Brain Power of a person is combination of one's Memory, Attention, Problem Solving Ability, Mental Flexibility and Mental Speed. There are many online games which helps you to increase these parameters of brain and helps to increase your IQ.  I am putting links to such Thinking Games, where one has to think a lot while playing these games. Some of the games will test your Memory. Some will require Attention of your brain. Some will help you to increase your Problem Solving Ability. Some Games will test your Mental Speed while some games will make your brain Flexible. 



Balls and Boxes

Brain Waves

Cargo Bridge

Classic Chess Against Computer

Classic Sudoku

Chess Maniac

Chess Mate Master

Chinese Checker

Color Trap

Connect Four

Daily Chess Puzzles

Diagonal Sudoku

Flip It Game

Freecell Solitaire

Gin Rummy

Hourglass Problem

Inequality or Greater Than Sudoku

Jigsaw or Irregular Sudoku

Killer Sudoku

Knight Switch

Light Up Bulbs Memory Game

Lever Physics

Logical Puzzles

Lucky Card

Matchstick Match

Moving Memory

Poker Square

Red Remover

Spot the Difference II

Shape Transformer

Tricky Cups

3 Slices-2

8 Queens Chess Problem

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