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Non Verbal Reasoning Puzzles for Kids and Teens with Answers

Non Verbal Reasoning is the ability to analyze pictorial data and then solve the given problem. There are many recruitment tests are based upon Non Verbal Ability Tests. Here I am posting some of the brain teaser in the form of picture puzzles. You have understand the corresponding question and then solve these riddles. I posting these riddles in increasing order of difficult. Answers to these riddles is given at the end of this post. Try to solve these riddles without looking at the answers. Do refer to answers only to confirm that your solution is correct. You can also post your answers in the comments section along with your feedback.
Lets start with some easy Non Verbal Reasoning Riddles. In the first three riddles you have to analyze given patterns and find out which picture out of given pictures will replace the question mark? So lets get started.
Non Verbal Reasoning Riddle
1. Non Verbal Reasoning Riddle
Quick Non Verbal Reasoning Riddle
2. Quick Non Verbal Reasoning Riddle

Quick Non Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser
3. Quick Non Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser
Lets start now with some Mathematical Non Verbal Reasoning Puzzles. In the next three brain teasers one has to do some Math calculations to find the missing value of question mark. I am hoping that these puzzles should be easy ones :)
Quick Math Riddle
4. Quick Math Riddle

Find the Missing Number Riddle
5. Find the Missing Number Riddle

Find the Missing Number Brain Teaser
6. Calculate the Missing Number Riddle
Next three riddles should be tough. It took me some time to solve these brain teasers. Some people may find these riddles easy. However some people may find these puzzle very tough. It depends how fast one is able to think in the intended direction :)
Non Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser
7. Non Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser

Missing Number Brain Teaser
8. Missing Number Brain Teaser

Riddle to solve Logical Equation
9. Riddle to solve Logical Equation

Below are the answers to these riddles. I have hidden these answers to avoid any spoiler. Try to devote some time in solving these riddles and do use the answers only to check your solutions. Select the text between the numbers to see the corresponding answer. 
1. The answer is d.

2. The answer to this riddle is A.

3. The answer to this brain teaser is 1.

4. Answer is 20. In each row the number doubles up while moving from left to right.

5. Answer is 30. The sum of numbers at the corners of the triangles adds to 90. 

6. Answer is 17. Multiply the numbers at top corner and lower left corner and add the result to the number in the lower right corner to get the number at the center of the triangle.

7. Answer to this riddle is 26. Numbers of the left and lower circle segments adds to the corresponding number in upper right circle.

8. Answer to this puzzle is 2. All the numbers in the circle add to 25.

9. Answer to this riddle is 9. It is sums of number on the dice face which is touching the ground. 
On dice the opposite numbers always add to 7. So one can look at the upper dice face to get the number at the opposite face to get the numbers for last equations as 4 + 3 + 2 = 9

Below are the answers to the Odd numbered puzzles of the post titled Non Verbal Reasoning Test with Answers. I have hidden the answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text between the numbers to see the answer to the corresponding brain teaser.

1. There is lot of difference between these two pictures in the eyes and lips which our mind is not able to process. Do download this picture and rotate it to see the differences.

3. 8 holes are there in total including the holes for arms, neck etc.

5. B and C can be immediately rejected visually while D will create the mirror image of the given cube. So the correct answer is A.  

7. I could immediately come up with two answers as below
It could be S as it is formed with curved lines. All other letters could be written with only straight lines.
It could be A as it is only letter amoung given letters which has enclosed area.

9. Question asked is how many balls do you see? We can see only 16 balls in this picture as calculated below from bottom to top
7 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 16

11. Sum of Opposite Ends is 24. So answer is 20.


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  1. The answer to #5 of the non-verbal reasoning test is wrong. It should be A.

    1. You are right. I have updated the answer to A.