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Logical Pictures Brain Teasers with Answers

From last few days I was writing posts on Fun Math Brain Teasers. Now let me post some brain teasers which will require logical thinking. These are the picture puzzles in which a object is equated to a number. One has to come up with the logical deduction of this equation and then applying the same rules have to solve for the last object.
These logical picture brain teasers first requires logical thinking for relating the object to numbers and then mathematical calculations to compute the value of object. These brain teaser requires knowledge of English language too.  I have created these logical brain teasers for feedback. If one loves these puzzles, please do write your comments with your feedback in the comments section of this post. Depending upon the feedback regarding these puzzles, I will be creating some more puzzles of these types. Different people may interpret these brain teasers differently. In case your logic is different from what is mentioned here, please do post your answer with explanation. We will love to read the different views :)
Logical Pictures Brain Teasers
1. Logical Pictures Brain Teasers

Logical Pictures Brain Teasers
2. Logical Pictures Brain Teasers

Logical Pictures Brain Teasers
3. Logical Pictures Brain Teasers

Logical Pictures Brain Teasers
4. Logical Pictures Brain Teasers

Logical Pictures Brain Teasers
5. Logical Pictures Brain Teasers

These Fun Riddles are part of Logical Brain Teasers. Below are the previous and next puzzles in this series.

Hidden answers of these Logical Pictures Brain Teasers is given below. Do select the text between the numbers to look at the given answer.
  Panda has five alphabets,
  Gift has four alphabets
  Cap has three alphabets
  Tree has four alphabets

Rose  = 4 x 2= 8
Star = 4x2 =8
Pigeon = 5x2 =10
Dog = 3x2= 6

Fish = 4x4 = 16
Clock = 5x5 = 25
Mango = 5x5= 25
burger = 6x6 = 36

Sum of the alphabetical position of the word
First is star , circle, heart , triangle.

Apple = 5x3= 15
Pear = 4x3 =12
Pineapple= 9x3 =27
Mango = 5x3=15

Below are the answers to the 12th puzzle of the post titled Non Verbal Reasoning Test with Answers. We have hidden the answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text between the numbers to see the answer to the corresponding brain teaser.

12. Answer is D.


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