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Quizzes to Test Your English Vocabulary with answers

Quizzes to Test Your English Vocabulary with answers
Language Neutral Brain Teasers are best to test one analytic ability. However there are many job in which one has to be expert in a particular language. English being the global language, there are many brain teasers and quizzes which are based upon English language. Few days back we have published puzzles to Guess the English Word and English Word Puzzles and Riddles. Today is quick English quiz. 
Here I am posting some of the quizzes to test your English vocabulary. This requires some basic knowledge of English language and there may be more answers to a particular questions. However try to get as many words possible for the given quiz question.
Answers link to these brain teasers is given at the end of this post as a video link which contains the questions and answers in same order as in this post.
English Quiz Brain Teaser
1. English Quiz Brain Teaser

English Quiz Riddle
2. English Quiz Riddle

English Quiz Mind Twister
3. English Quiz Mind Twister

English Quiz Question
4. English Quiz Question

English Quiz Puzzle
5. English Quiz Puzzle

Here is the answer of 12th Riddle of Brain Test titled "The Brain Wiring Test for Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers". Answer if partially hidden to avoid any spoilers. Do select the text below to read the answer.

* = 8
Square = 4


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