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Visual Puzzles of Rotating Gears with Answers

Its very interesting to learn the gear rotations. When one gear is grid-locked to move another gear than second gear rotates in the opposite direction of first gear. It becomes very interesting to find in which the direction some other gear will move when another one in the gridlock full of gears moves in a particular direction.
In this post I am posting 10 Gear based puzzles. In each of these puzzles one has to find out in which direction Gear B will move when Gear A moves in either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Answers of each or these puzzles is given at the end along with videos of rotation of these gears to learn and understand these motions better.
Rotating Gear Visual Puzzle
1.Rotating Gear Visual Puzzle

Rotating Gears Picture Puzzle
2. Rotating Gears Picture Puzzle

Rotating Gears Puzzle
3. Rotating Gears Puzzle

Rotating Gears Visual Brain Teaser
4. Rotating Gears Visual Brain Teaser

Rotating Gears Visual Picture Riddle
5. Rotating Gears Visual Picture Riddle

Rotating Gears Visual Puzzle
6. Rotating Gears Visual Puzzle

Rotating Wheel Observational Riddle
7. Rotating Wheel Observational Riddle

Rotating Gears Observational Riddle
8. Rotating Gears Observational Riddle

Rotating Wheels Observational Riddle Puzzle
9. Rotating Wheels Observational Riddle Puzzle

Rotating Wheels Visual Brain Teaser
10. Rotating Wheels Visual Brain Teaser

Hidden answers of these gear puzzles is given below. Do select the text between to numbers to look out a corresponding solution.


1. Anti-Clockwise

2. Anti-Clockwise

3. Clockwise

4. Anti-Clockwise

5. Anti-Clockwise

6. Clockwise

7. Clockwise

8. Clockwise

9. Clockwise

10. Anti-Clockwise

Below is the videos this grid-lock arrangement to understand this rotation better.

Below is the answer of 5th Brain Teaser of "Non Verbal Reasoning Puzzles for Kids and Teens with Answers". We have hidden these answers to avoid any spoiler. Try to devote some time in solving these riddles and do use the answers only to check your solutions. Select the text below to view the answer. 

5. Answer is 30. The sum of numbers at the corners of the triangles adds to 90. 


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