Sunday, February 26, 2017

Word Brain Teasers Main Page

Word Brain Teasers Main Page
Logic is not bound by any language boundaries. Similarly Mathematics also does not depend upon any language. It means that any logical or mathematical problem can be solved without any need to know any particular language. However there are many brainteasers in which one should require a particular language to solve these brainteasers. Word brainteasers are such riddles in which one need to know the English language. If one does not know the English then one can try solving Logical, Mathematical or Visual Brain Teasers and leave these brainteasers. However if one is good in English language then one is bound to enjoy these brainteasers.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problems for Kids with answers

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problems
Solving the mathematical equations is very interesting brain teasers. If the fun factor is added in these math equations then one will love to solve these problems. This fun factor can be added by replacing numbers with the pictures or removing the operators. Here we are presenting few math equations in which operator has been removed. 
In each of these math problem, operators in the equations are removed. The list of the operators which can be used to solve the equation are given in each of the problem. Each operator can be used as many times as one wish. However BODMAS rules apply in each of the equations.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Rebus or Pictogram Quiz Puzzles with answers of English Idioms

Rebus or Pictogram Quiz Puzzles of English Idioms and Phrases
Pictogram is also called Pictograph or Pictogramme. It is to represent and idea or meaning in pictures. Similar Rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented in the combination of pictures. Here I am posting some Rebus or Pictogram Puzzle in which one has to find common English Idioms or Phrases. We have tried to represent a English idiom in pictorial form. Do find the English Idiom or Phrase represented by each of the given picture below.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to solve "Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles" quickly

Here are some of the pictures puzzle in which one has to spot the given number of differences. In each of these picture puzzles, two pictures are given. At first glance both of these picture looks exactly alike. However there are few differences in these pictures. The count of differences in these pictures are mentioned at the top of each picture. One has to find these difference in the least possible time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Easy Mathematical Equations with Operators Brain Teasers

Solving mathematical equations is very much fun. The fun gets doubled when one has to solve the mathematical brain teasers with equations. Here are some math equations brain teasers. 
In these Mathematical brain teasers some equation is given. However for this equation only numbers are given. One side of these numbers is the equation answers and other side there are numbers on which one has to apply the given operators to get the right side of the equation. These operators can be used as many times as one wants and standard BODMAS rules apply while solving these equations. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tricky Image Puzzles to Find Odd One Out

Last few days I have created few Odd One Out puzzles and I am loving these puzzles. This time I have created few tricky images of these puzzles. Lets see how many one could solve without looking at the answers of the these picture puzzles. 
In all these picture puzzles, three images of picture are given. All these three images look very much similar. However there is one small difference in one of the picture from other two. Your task is to find this difference and thus find the image which is different from others. 

Good Puzzles/Sudoku websites

Good Puzzles/Sudoku websites
There are many good Puzzles and Sudoku websites which keep on regularly creating high quality puzzles and Sudoku. In this post I am trying to mention some of these Puzzles/Sudoku blogs and websites. To start with I am listing websites which I regularly visit. Do let me know if there are some more similar websites/blogs which I have missed putting here in the list. If you have website which regularly creates similar Puzzle and Sudoku content, do drop me a mail, I will be happy to include that website in the list.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Observation Picture Puzzles to find Odd One Out Picture

Observation Picture Puzzles to find Odd One Out Picture
Finding the odd one out is very interesting puzzle. In childhood I used to love the puzzles in which one has to find differences between two given pictures. Slowly I found a technique to solve this kind of puzzles very quickly. This technique will work in case two picture in which one has to find the differences are put next to each other. To solve this puzzle, I will stare at these two picture simultaneously and slow these two picture get merged together to form the third picture in between these two pictures. In this third picture the differences between these two pictures will stand out.
Today's Odd One Out Puzzle pictures are different from Find the difference puzzle picture. In these Odd One Out puzzles three pictures are given. Out of these three pictures two are exactly alike and only one is different from others two. You have to find this third picture which is different from others. In all these five odd one out puzzles I have used only one picture.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Naturally Hidden Objects Picture Puzzles

Naturally Hidden Objects Picture Puzzles
Here are some pictures which are naturally clicked and there is something hidden in each of these pictures. Some are very easy and one can immediately find the hidden object/animal in the picture. However some are very hard to find what is hidden in the picture. For a change in this post, I am putting these picture in the order from very difficult to very easy. It means the finding hidden animal in the first picture is very tough and in the last picture it will be immediately visible. If you are not able to find hidden object in any of the puzzle, do move to the next one and later come back. Moreover these picture will show how camouflage happens and how one is able to hide oneself in the natural background.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Reading Riddles to Challenge your Brain

Can you Read this? Here is reading riddles to challenge your brain. Can your brain read blurred Text or Encrypted Text or can you read backward or upward. Here are the brain teasers to test your brain in all of these kinds to challenges. Lets see how many text you can read? These pictures quite interesting to read. A very good Fun brain teasers to challenge your brain to reading challenge. Many people could not read these but you have a good talent to have if you can read most of these texts in the pictures. This reading challenge is part of Fun Brain Teasers and Riddles. For some more reading challenges check out Intelligent Reading Brain Teasers to Twist your brain.