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Copy Paste : 07 to 09 July 2012: LMI Sudoku Test

About Copy-Paste from Author
The July 2012 Sudoku test of Logic Masters India is called ‘Copy – Paste’ and it contains 14 sudoku variants. I copied the givens of one puzzle, and pasted them into the other puzzle on the same page, so the puzzles on one page look a bit like twins. But they are two (completely) different variants, requiring a different approach and having different solutions.
For Sudoku 100 and All odd/even I got the inspiration of recent LMI-tests. The other variants are well known or used before by me for championships or in the puzzle-portal of Logic Masters Germany. Since some of the variants might be new for LMI participants, I will write a thread in the forum with links to more practise puzzles for most of the types used in the test.
I hope you will enjoy solving the puzzles as much as I did creating them.

Points table:
Puzzle                                Points
All odd/even Sudoku          47
Scattered Sudoku               51
Arrow Sudoku                   48
Sum 100 Sudoku               70
Ascending Sudoku              60
Ascending nonconsecutive  80
Chaos Diagonal Sudoku     75
Minimax Sudoku                43
Consecutive Sudoku          90
Maximin Sudoku               82
Equal Sudoku                    130
Low Sudoku                     41
Position Sudoku                63
Renban Sudoku                120
TOTAL                            1.000

Instructions Booklet

Puzzle Booklet


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