Logic Masters India Puzzle test named Logirace

About Logirace Puzzle Test

Here is another Logic Masters India Puzzle Test Logirace in which you have to race to draw a single closed loop to become the fastest log racer. All the puzzle types appearing in this Logic Puzzles test are of Loop Variations. There are 10 Loop Puzzles in this Puzzle test. A list of Puzzle types appearing in this test is given at the end.
Logirace, Logic Masters India Puzzle Test can be solved from 21-23 July 2012. One can participate in this test from the Logic Masters India Logirace webpage. This test will consist of 10 puzzle types; each type will be represented by 2 puzzles. Some puzzles are well-known, but some are variants of non-loop puzzles (Star battle, Dotted snake, Tapa, and Pentominoes).

List of Puzzles for Logirace Puzzle Test

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