LMI Sudoku Test: Copy Paste from 07 to 09 July 2012:

LMI Sudoku Test: Copy Paste

About LMI Sudoku Test Copy-Paste from Author

The July 2012 Sudoku test of Logic Masters India is called ‘Copy – Paste’ and it contains 14 Sudoku Puzzle variants. I copied the givens of one puzzle, and pasted them into the other puzzle on the same page, so the puzzles on one page look a bit like twins. But they are two (completely) different variants, requiring a different approach and having different solutions.
For Sudoku 100 and All odd/even Sudoku I got the inspiration of recent LMI-tests. The other variants are well known or used before by me for championships or in the puzzle-portal of Logic Masters Germany. Since some of the variants might be new for LMI participants, I will write a thread in the forum with links to more practise puzzles for most of the types used in the test. I hope you will enjoy solving the puzzles as much as I did creating them.

LMI Sudoku Test Points table

Ascending Nonconsecutive Sudoku 80
Chaos Diagonal Sudoku 75
TOTAL 1000

LMI Sudoku Test Author

Richard Stolk

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