Logic Masters India Beginners' Sudoku Contest

Logic Masters India Beginners' Sudoku Contest

Purpose of LMI Beginners' Sudoku Competition

Logic Masters India (LMI) Beginners' Sudoku Contest is for kids or for new Sudoku players who are new to Sudoku solving. This Sudoku competition to introduce new Sudoku variations to beginners. Logic Masters India (LMI) has been running monthly contests for a long time now, but we have had little success in attracting many Indian players. During the Time Sudoku Championships, we had a chance to interact with many Sudoku lovers, and we realize that there are 2 main problems for which many Indian players do not seriously participate in these monthly tests. 
1) Most of the variants are new to them.
2) Sudoku Puzzles are in general tougher than what they have solved in news papers.
Keeping these in mind, we decided to start "LMI Beginners' Sudoku Contests" - where our target participants are players who have mostly solved Classic Sudoku Puzzles in the past. These contests will be held once a month, and will contain mostly easy / medium level Sudoku Puzzles. 

LMI Beginners' Sudoku Contest Round Structure

We will start with 2 rounds per contest, exactly the same way the Qualifying rounds were held in different cities. 
Each round will be of 30 minutes and 30 points. 
First round will have 4 Classics. 

Second round will have 4 variations. 

As mentioned above, Sudoku Puzzles will be much easier and we expect many players to get bonus points (which will be 1 point per every minute saved if all 4 Sudoku Puzzles are correct). This will be computed up-to seconds.

Every month 2 variations will be repeated from last month, and 2 new variations will be introduced. 

The contest will open for one week, so that players can participate at their own comfort.

Difficulty of Sudoku Puzzles

We will target to have 75% Easy Sudoku Puzzles and 25% Medium Level Sudoku Puzzles. The timing of 30 minutes is set such that most solvers will be able to solve at least 75% of the Sudoku Puzzles, and good solvers can certainly aim for time bonus. In this Sudoku Competition there will not be Hard Level Sudoku Puzzles.

Frequency of LMI Beginners' Sudoku Competitions

We'll run one contest once every month, till end of this year. Beginning 2013, we will review if we need to increase / decrease the frequency. 

What about top Solvers?

Any solver with a LMI rating of 500+ will have their own target to match. For example, a solver with LMI rating 800 will be expected to solve all Sudoku puzzles with 15 minutes bonus in each round. Details will be available in the Instruction booklet when we release.

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