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Tricky Riddles using the English language with answers

Tricky Riddles using the English language with answers
A Language helps to create many puzzles. However one must have knowledge of language, so that one can solve these riddles correctly. English being the most spoken language worldwide, there are many riddles which can be made using English language. Few weeks back, we have posted few such English Word Brain Teasers and these brain teasers were very much liked. So today again we are posting 5 tricky riddles using the English language to tickle your mind. 

In these English Word Riddle, you will be given some statements which you have to solve to get the correct answer. English language knowledge is required to solve these riddles. Some of these riddles will require out of box thinking for solving these puzzles.
Answers link to these English Riddles is given at the end of this post. However do write your answers in the comment section of this post. 
English Word Brain Twister
1. English Word Brain Twister

English Word Mind Riddle
2. English Word Mind Riddle

Out Of Box Thinking English Word Riddle
3. Out Of Box Thinking English Word Riddle
Tricky English Riddle
4. Tricky English Riddle

Tricky English Word Riddle
5. Tricky English Word Riddle

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