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Argio Logic Sudoku Test August 2011

Argio Logic Sudoku Test August 2011, Sudoku Types appearing in this test are given as below
Classic Mini Sudokupoints 2
Jigsaw Mini Sudokupoints 4
KakuroDokupoints 9
Anti XV Sudokupoints 11
Classic Sudokupoints 11
Stripes Sudokupoints 11
Neighbours Sudokupoints 12
Anti Diagonal Sudokupoints 12
Kropki Sudokupoints 13
Offset Sudokupoints 13
Mirror Twin Sudokupoints 15
Plus or Minus Sudokupoints 15
Consecutive N Sudokupoints 15
Palindromo Sudokupoints 19
Jigsaw Hybrid Sudokupoints 19
Even Odd View Sudokupoints 21
Average Sudokupoints 23
Sudoku N Sudokupoints 25
Killer Variant Sudokupoints 25
Descriptive Pairs Sudokupoints 25

TOTAL points 300

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