Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jumping Frog Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jumping Frog Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Jumping Frog Puzzle, the frog needs your help to put him back together so that he can jump away. Rotate the pieces and place them according to the frog pattern to see the frog jump off his lily pad.

Jumping Frog Jigsaw Assemble Puzzle Instruction
Using your mouse and cursor, click and drag to separate the pieces.
Click on a piece and drag it to put it in place next to other pieces. Clicking on the arrowed circle and moving mouse in each piece will allow you to rotate it.
When a piece is about to be joined to another correctly it will light up. Let go of the cursor to place it.
Continue joining pieces until the frog is complete. When you are finished, he will jump away.

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