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Disjoint Groups Sudoku Puzzles (Fun With Sudoku #255 #256)

Disjoint Groups Sudoku is one of my favorite types. There was time when I used to fear this Sudoku type and was not very good in solving this Sudoku type. However with the practice I have understood techniques to solve this Sudoku type and now I can solve this Sudoku type very comfortable. However still there is lots of scope in improvement for this Sudoku type. Today I am posting two of Disjoint Groups Sudoku. First one is easy one and second one is relative tough. However both the puzzles should not take more than 5 minutes for an experience Sudoku player.
I am posting these Disjoint Groups Sudoku puzzles in Fun With Sudoku Series as 255th and 256th Sudoku puzzles in this series.

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