Capsules Sudoku Puzzle (Daily Sudoku League #201)

Capsules Sudoku is also known by the name Odd Sum Pair Sudoku. In fact, Odd Sum Pair Sudoku is the name used for this type of Sudoku type. However, it appeared with the name Capsules Sudoku in World Sudoku Championship 2016. Earlier I published this type of Sudoku puzzle with the name Odd Sum Pair Sudoku. However, this one I am posting with the name Capsules Sudoku.
Odd Sum Pair Sudoku is going to appear in the second part of round 4 of the Indian Sudoku League. So this Sudoku can be good practice for this Sudoku type even though today's Sudoku is a little tough and not for newcomers. 
Today's Capsules Sudoku, I want to dedicate to Logic Masters India which is the official representative of the World Puzzle Federation for India and is responsible for selecting the Indian Sudoku and Puzzle Team which represents India at the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships. In the year 2017 World Sudoku and Puzzle Championship going to be held in India. Logic Masters India is going to conduct this championship. One can check the official page of the World Sudoku/Puzzle Championship 2017 for more information.
Special thanks to Kishore and Ashish for testing today's Sudoku puzzle. 
Today's Capsules Sudoku Puzzle, I am posting in The League of Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen, as the 201st Sudoku puzzle in this series. Can you solve this Sudoku Puzzle?

Rules of Capsules Sudoku Puzzle

Place a digit from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column, and outlined 3x3 region. Additionally, two orthogonal shaded cells imply that the sum of digits in those 2 cells is odd.

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