Friday, March 15, 2013

LMI Sudoku Test V2V : 23rd - 25th March 201

LMI V2V Sudoku Test
LMI V2V Sudoku Test

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Every now and then I am surprised that again a new variant of the famous sudoku appears on the internet or in a contest. There are already uncountable different sudoku variants, but authors keep inventing new types. This gave me the idea to write a test for LMI with again some new types. I took seven variants and created a variation to each type. So that is the theme: Variations to Variants. Every page contains the variant as the first and the variation as the second puzzle. Since the puzzle types in this test are either relatively or completely unknown, I will provide some links to extra practice material in the forum, so solvers can have a decent preparation to this test.
I hope you enjoy solving the puzzles as much as I did thinking about and creating them!

Instructions Booklet

About V2V

Seven sudoku variants and a variation to each type.


Richard Stolk

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