Happy World Sudoku Day (Classic Sudoku: Fun With Sudoku #16)

Today is World Sudoku Day. Any guess why today is being celebrated as World Sudoku Day?  Try to think about it before I answer it lately in this post. Do enjoy World Sudoku Day with this Classic Sudoku in which I tried to put the number 9 (even though not perfectly) as hints.
Another reason for celebrating today's day for me is that on World Sudoku Day, my blog is completing 1 million page views. Thanks to all the visitors and followers of the blog for making it to the 1 million mark. Hope you will continue to enjoy Sudoku and puzzles on this blog.  
Moreover, today is the last day to participate in  Sudoku Day - LMI September Sudoku Test. To participate in this World Sudoku Day, Sudoku test to enjoy 9 new Sudoku variations.
The reason that today is being celebrated is World Sudoku Day which relates to today's date which is 9/9 and Sudoku is all about 9x9 grid. 
This Classic Sudoku I am posting is my 16th contribution to the Fun With Sudoku Series.

Classic Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #16) (Happy World Sudoku Day)
World Sudoku Day Classic Sudoku

Series Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #15) Solution
Series Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #15) Solution

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Ashwin said...

3:15. Enjoyed solving it.