Lumosity Brain Training Mobile Games Review

Lumosity Brain Training Mobile Games
Nowadays there are many mobile brain training games. There are many of these games I play on an everyday basis. It's time to post reviews of these games. To utilize, all the features of these games, one needs to pay for these games either on a monthly basis or by a one-time payment. However, most of these provide some free games that can be played without paying anything on a daily basis. My review is for these free games where one does not pay anything to avail of the full features of these games. The first Brain Training Games website that I will review is Lumosity
Lumosity provides many brain training games which I have been playing for the last 3 years. To date no other game I could find better than this. Earlier I was playing these games on my desktop. At that time there were very few mobile games. However, nowadays almost all of their games can be played on mobile. Account setup is very easy. One can even log in using one Facebook or Google account.
Lumosity Performance Index
It provides a wide range of games for Free. Still, there are many more games that can be unlocked with monthly or one-time payments. Every day 5 random games are assigned to be played depending on your interest. For the free account, two games will be locked. Lumosity games cover five different Cognitive Areas e.g. Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Problem-Solving, and Speed. For each of these Cognitive areas, your score will be updated once you finish your daily session of games. Your overall LPI (Lumosity Performance Index) score will be the average of the LPI score for each of the Cognitive Areas.  Lumosity provides a wide range of free games for each of these Cognitive
Lumosity Training History
Area. One more good thing is that the level of each of the games will increase depending on your performance in that particular game. Lumosity does not lock any of the levels in the free account. One can also compare its LPI score with others in the paid account. Following are the major pros and Cons of Lumosity Games.
1. It provides a wide range of games for free for each of the Cognitive Areas.
2. Lumosity Performance Index (LPI) gives a review of your overall performance. This score is updated on a daily basis once one finishes the daily games session.
3. None of the levels in any of the games is locked in a free account. One can unlock higher levels in the game by a score minimum which is required to unlock the next round.
4. Games are very interesting to play and keep you engaged.
5. Lumosity provides a great range of interesting games both on the Desktop as well as the mobile version. 
1. In the free account access is only limited to 3 games. It means
Lumosity Points Table
that on a particular day, one can play only these 3 games and nothing else. Moreover, these 3 games are assigned to you by Lumosity and one does not have control over choosing these games.
2. Lumosity does not provide any incentives for playing on a daily basis.

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