Thursday, July 13, 2017

Odd One Out Picture Brain teasers for kids with Answers

Picture riddles brain teasers for kids
Finding the Odd one out or different picture among the given set of pictures is very good visual puzzle. These kind of puzzles can be enjoyed by all age groups like kids, teens and adults. It is always fun to find different picture when all the pictures looks similar on first glance. There are many different Odd One Out puzzles in this website. e.g. Numbers Odd One Out Puzzles in which one has to find mathematically which number is different from others. Also there is Letters Odd One Out Puzzles in which one has to logical find which letter is different from given set of letters. Also there are picture riddles in which one has to find visually which picture is different from other in the given set of pictures.
Today's puzzles are picture riddles. In these riddles there are four similar looking pictures are given. These pictures are rotated to look it similar. Three out of these four pictures are exactly alike. Only difference in these pictures is that orientation of picture may be different. However there is only one picture which is different. Your challenge is to find out this different picture. Are you ready for this visual challenge to find out which is Odd picture among given pictures?
Answers to these Riddles will be provided later. However to post your request in the comment section if you are looking for answer to any of these picture riddles? Also post your answers in the comment section of this post.

can you find which picture is different?
1.can you find which picture is different?

Fun brain teaser to find different
2. Fun brain teaser to find odd one out.
Interesting brain teaser
3. Interesting brain teaser

odd one out picture puzzle
4. odd one out picture puzzle

Picture riddle to find different picture
5. Picture riddle to find different picture

Click here to check Answers of these Odd One Out Picture Brain Teasers

Here is the answer of 1st Riddle of Brain Test titled "The Brain Wiring Test for Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers". Answer if partially hidden to avoid any spoilers. Do select the text below to read the answer.
If one turns this picture upside down then one will be immediately able to answer this brain riddle. After turning the image upside down one will see the number in the following sequence
86 ? 88 89 90 91
So missing number is 87.


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    1. OK, I have updated answers of these Odd One Out Picture Brain teasers. Please do let me know in case you are look for answers of any others puzzles published on Fun With Puzzles website?


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