Brain Challenge Puzzle Question for Kids with an Answer

How sharp is your brain? Can your brain think out of the box and solve logical reasoning questions? Here is a brain challenge for kids that will twist your brain. In this Brain Challenge, your task is to decipher the given logical equations and then find the value of the missing number which replaces the question mark.

Can you find the missing number? If 4 = 14, 6 = 34, 7 = 47 and 9 = 79 Then 5 = ?
Can you solve this brain challenging puzzle?

The answer to this "Brain Challenge for Kids", can be viewed by clicking one button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


Unknown said...

There is a mistake in this riddle. It should be 9=79 not 8=79. The reason being is 8*8-2=62

Rajesh Kumar said...

You are right. There was mistake in the picture of this riddle. I have corrected this mistake and now I have updated this puzzle with the new corrected image.

Unknown said...

It's 23

Rajesh Kumar said...

Yes, your answer to this brain challenge is right.

sahil thapa said...

nice question

Rajesh Kumar said...

Great you know that you liked this brain challenge. Please share it with your friends and family and help us grow.

Moonwatcher said...

The answer is 23

4*4=16 16-2=14
6*6=36 36-2=34
7*7=49 49-2=47
9*9=81 81-2=79
5*5=25 25-2=23