Test my Brain: Critical Thinking Brain Teaser

This Critical Thinking Brain Teaser will test your brain. This brain teaser will look quite odd to you in your first reading. This is lateral thinking brain teaser which can be solved if you think about it from all possible angles. This Brain Teaser will make your think out of box. Let's see if you can answer this critical thinking brain teaser!
What is it which comes once in a Year, Twice in a Month, Four Times in a Week and Six times in a day?
Can you solve this Critical Thinking Brain Teaser?

Answer of this "Critical Thinking Brain Teaser to test your Brain", can be viewed by clicking on answer button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


Unknown said...

letter A

Rajesh Kumar said...

It will be great if you can post logic used to solve this brain test puzzle. Your answer is different from our answer to this puzzle.