Genius Cracking Code Puzzle with Answer

This is a genius cracking code puzzle that will twist your brain. In this tough math logic puzzle, you are shown some number equations. There is one hidden mathematical or logical code that makes these number equations correct. Your challenge in this puzzle is to crack this hidden code. Once you were able to decipher the hidden code, find the value of the missing number in the last equation.
This is a tough logical number puzzle for genius brains. I will be publishing the answer to this puzzle later once there are few comments from the readers. If you can solve this puzzle, please write down your answer along with the logical reasoning in the comments box.
Can you solve this?  If 231=4, 342=5, 543=6, 541=8, Then 742=?
Can you solve this Genius Cracking Code Puzzle?

The answer to this "Number Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.

The Answer is 9
If the given number equations are ABC=D then the hidden logical code in this genius puzzle is as below
ABC can be divided into two different numbers, one number is represented by AB and another number by C. Let's say that EF is the digits obtained from the difference of these two numbers then D = E+F


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The answer is 9
If the number is considered as 'ABC', the equation is
A+(B-C). So,
231 = 2+(3-1) = 4 and so on.
742 = 7 + (4-2) 9

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks for your detailed comments.
Yes, your answer and logical reasoning to solve this puzzle is correct.