Keep Your Brain Sharp with Puzzle Games

What Keeps Your Brain Sharp? Puzzle Games or Gym Training

Our brain works 24/7 without taking any breaks, so it is imperative to exercise our brain daily or after 1-2 days. Also, there can be some special hours in which our brains work the most. There are several ways to keep your brain sharp and more robust, like
gym training or exercise and playing puzzle games. 
Puzzle games can be an excellent exercise for both sides of the brain. Solving puzzles can be challenging and fun at the same time. Some people can solve any puzzle in less time, and others can take their time to solve any puzzle. It is because not everyone’s brain can work at the same level. But with proper brain exercise, anyone can achieve any level. 

How can puzzles make the brain sharper?

Puzzles can be a great time pass with family or individually. There are many times when a person can be free and get bored so he can play different games. But why not play puzzle games and sharpen your mind? 
Puzzle games can be beneficial in many ways, such as, 
  • Puzzles exercise both sides of your mind 
  • Puzzle games help in improving memory 
  • These games can improve your problem-solving skills 
  • Puzzle game improves visual and spatial reasoning 
  • These games help in improving mood 
  • Helps to lower your stress level 
  • Puzzle games can improve your IQ level 
Let’s explain these points so you can understand the benefits of puzzle games much better. 

Puzzles exercise both sides of your mind: 

Two sides of the brain control different functionalities. The right side of the brain contains creativity, and the left side of the brain handles logical thinking and analytics. Playing puzzles helps engage both sides of the brain at the same time because these puzzle games can be creative and analytical at the same time. It also can be a mental workout for the brain. 

Puzzle games help in improving memory: 

Working on puzzles can reinforce our brain cells and produce new ones, so it can be a great way to enhance short-term memory because we use memory in puzzles by remembering their shapes, sizes, and pieces simultaneously. 

These games can improve your problem-solving skills: 

Puzzles are also like problems that we have to solve as soon as possible for the satisfaction of the mind. So it can be a great teacher in learning how to handle and solve problems in time. 
We use different approaches to solve puzzles unless we can reach the right solution. So, it can be beneficial to use different real-life techniques to get the right one. 

Puzzle game improves visual and spatial reasoning:

While solving puzzles, we have to look at every part of the puzzle and have to think about where every piece is going to fit in the puzzle. If we solve puzzles daily, it can help in improving visual and spatial reasoning.   

These games help in improving mood: 

One of the best benefits the brain can have from solving puzzles is that it can enhance the production of dopamine, and neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating mood, memory, and concentration. 
So, after solving every puzzle brain releases a good amount of dopamine that helps in enhancing mood and makes a person happy and excited.  

Helps In lowering your stress level:

While solving puzzles, our mind concentrates on a single task. It can be relaxing for the mind and also encourage our brain to enter a meditative state. It can help in lowering stress by a lot and make you happy at the same time. 

Puzzle games can improve your IQ level: 

 Puzzles can improve your memory, concentration, reasoning skills, and vocabulary, so playing daily puzzle games for 25 minutes can enhance your IQ level. Also, 25 minutes per day can improve 4 points IQ level per day. 

How can exercise make the brain sharper?

As you may know, exercise can make you physically fit and healthy, but it makes a good impact on your brain. Workouts can make your brain sharper and healthy. Also, exercise can make your mind sharper in several ways, such as, 
  • Boost your memory 
  • Improve your concentration 
  • Improve your mental health 
  • Enhance your creativity 
Let’s discuss all these points in detail, so you should be able to know about the benefits of exercise on the mind in detail. 

Boost your memory: 

There’s a specific part of the brain that responds to aerobic exercise. That part is called the hippocampus. This part can grow in children, adults, and aged people, not as they grow but as they get fit. 
The hippocampus is the core of the brain that handles the learning and memory system. So, as you get fit, you get smarter, intelligent, and mentally strong. It also helps you in boosting your memory, but slowly. 

Improve your concentration: 

Workouts can make you fit and more concentrated because exercise helps the mind focus and stay on task. So you can concentrate more on the task ahead of you with the entire focus. Exercise makes your brain muscles strong on both sides and can avoid distractions during your work. 

Improve mental health: 

The utmost benefit your brain can have from working out is mental health. Besides making you physically healthy, exercise can make your brain healthy. It helps you make decisions fast and accurately; also, you can think about the outcomes of your decisions with an open mind. It can only happen if you keep your brain healthy and fit. 

Enhance creativity: 

Only a healthy mind can think healthy and creatively. A fit brain can make you think widely, openly, and creatively. It helps you generate more creative ideas so you can not remain behind your competitors. This is the most beneficial fact for business owners because they have to think creatively and openly to make their business decisions. So yes, exercise can help them in making their decisions creatively. 

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