Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LOGIDOKU: June 2011

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Instruction Book

Puzzle Booklet

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  • ZUZKA HROMCOVÁ (zuziik) & MATÚŠ DEMIGER (greenhorn)

Sudoku Theme & Types

Sudokus in this test will based on well known 'logic puzzles'
  • Battleship Sudoku
  • Domino Sudoku
  • Easy As ABC Sudoku
  • Fence Sudoku
  • Japanese Sums Sudoku
  • Kakuro Sudoku
  • Kropki Sudoku
  • Pairs Sudoku
  • Skyscrapers Sudoku
  • Tapa Sudoku
Each type will be represented by a 6X6 grid and a 9X9 grid.

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